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APA for Word 2016

First Page Header

APA requires that you place "Running head: TITLE OF YOUR PAPER" in the left-hand corner of your paper and the page number in the right. Here's how to do this in Word 2016:

1. First go to the Insert tab. Select Header, and then choose Edit Header.

2. Once we clicked Edit Header, the Header & Footer Tools tab opened up. Now check off the “Different First Page” box. This is because APA requires that the first page header be slightly different than subsequent pages.


3. Select “Page Number” and “Top of Page” as seen below to add a page number. Choose the page number that runs to the far right. 


4. On the title page your header must be formatted like this:  “Running head: TITLE OF YOUR PAPER.”


5. Hit the Tab key on your keyboard once or twice to push your title to the left hand side of your paper. Now close out of the header by clicking “Close Header and Footer”.

Cover Page

The cover page of an APA formatted document includes the following information:

  1. Full title of your paper
  2. Your name
  3. Your institutional affiliation (i.e., Carteret Community College)

Begin by hitting the enter key four to six times or until you’re about a third of the way down the page. Your cover page must be centered, so select the center option.

First type in your paper’s title and hit enter. Now type in your own name and hit enter. Finally, type in: Carteret Community College. Your cover page should look very similar to this one:

Second Page Header

Second Page Header: After finishing the cover page, you can hit the enter key until you drop to the second page, or else select the Insert tab and hit Page Break. Either way, we are now at the top of page two. Because we selected Different First Page on the Header menu, we will need to add our header again. So once more:

  1. Select the Insert tab. 
  2. Choose Header, and Edit Header. 
  3. Choose Page Number and select the right side page number. 
  4. In all capital letters type your papers name.
  5. Hit the ESC key on your keyboard, or else click the Close Header & Footer button.   

NOTE: this time we are not adding “Running head:” to the title.