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ENG 112: Synthesis, Annotated Bibliography, and Academic & Professional Discourse Analysis

Finding Sources

A landmark text is one which is considered by experts in a profession to be a fundamental finding or position in the field or of an important aspect of the field.

Search Tips: 

  • Look for patterns in the literature review or introduction sections of scholarly articles. Which texts/writers are most frequently and/or repeatedly cited in your field. 
  • Look for how often an article has been cited in other scholarly literature. This is often noted by "Cited by" underneath an article citation in both Google Scholar and ProQuest Central. 
  • In ProQuest Central, be sure to limit search results to full text and peer-reviewed. 
  • On the results page, take note of the author and journal/book title. Who would be an author of a landmark text and in what journal/book would you find a landmark text? 
  • Look in your textbooks on the subject for frequently cited articles/books. 

Professional organizations are terrific places to look for professional statements. Professional organizations seek to further a particular profession, the interests of individuals engaged in that profession, and the public interest. Here are some examples of professional organizations:

Annotated Bibliographies

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Evaluating Information Sources Video Tutorials
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