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AHS ENG: Argument-Based Research

Finding Books

To find books on a particular topic, use the Carteret CC Library Catalog. All of the library's print resources, including books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, handbooks, and DVDs, are available in the catalog.
Once you’ve found a book in the catalog, you’ll want to find it on the shelf using the Call Number and Location.  While most collections circulate, books located in the Reference Collection can only be used in the library.

Search for Books in the Library


Book Series

Opposing Viewpoints Series

Book Covers. Opposing Viewpoint Series. Energy Alternatives; Biological Warfare; Censorship. This series of books looks at contentious contemporary issues and provides both points of view. Each book covers a different topic. To see if there's a book on your topic, have a look at the small sample below, or try searching in the library catalog with "opposing viewpoints" in the search (for example: "opposing viewpoints" AND abortion).

  • Corporate Farming
  • Domestic Terrorism
  • Endangered Oceans
  • Immigration Bans
  • Privacy
  • Tobacco and Smoking
  • Violent Video Games and Society


Book CoverIssues that Concern You Series

Yet another series of books focused on contentious current issues. Though not written for an advanced audience, the books are well-researched and include helpful organization and website links. As before, check the library catalog to see what's available on your topic (ex: "issues that concern you" AND vegetarianism). Some titles from the series:

  • Alternative Energy
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Disaster Relief
  • Performance-enhancing Drugs
  • Teen Pregnancy 

Library Catalog Tutorials

Library Catalog Print Tutorial Library Catalog Video Tutorial