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OST 149: Medical Legal Issues

US Newspapers

Search Strategies

The larger databases can contain hundreds of thousands of articles. Finding exactly the articles you need for your research assignment depends in large part on using the right search terms. It won’t matter how many articles a database may contain on your subject if you can’t find them. While there’s as much art as skill in generating smart search terms, following these tips can help:

  • Short keywords. Think of your research topic and try to break it down into smaller pieces. For example, if you are trying to find a case of elder abuse in a nursing home, try typing in: Abuse AND "Nursing Homes". This is because the longer and more specific your keywords, the more articles the database is likely to exclude. 
  • Experiment. Play around with your search terms. Try different wordings. You won’t break the databases. You won’t master database searching overnight either, but the more comfortable you are experimenting with different kinds of searches, the quicker you’ll develop a feel for them. 
  • Tips.
    • Use Boolean Operators to connect search terms or keywords: AND, OR, NOT.
    • Use quotation marks for exact phrases.
    • Use database limiters to refine searches: full-text, publication date, source type, etc.

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