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APA (7th Edition) for Word 2019

Figures and Tables

In APA, there are two options for the placement of tables and figures in a paper. The first option is to place all tables and figures on separate pages after the reference list (with each table on a separate page followed by each figure on a separate page). The second option is to embed each table and figure within the text after its first callout.

APA also states, if you reprint or adapt a table or figure from another source in your paper (e.g., a table from your own published work, an image you found on the internet), you must include a copyright attribution in the table note or figure note indicating the origin of the reprinted or adapted material in addition to a reference list entry for the work. You may also need to obtain permission from the copyright holder to reprint or adapt the table or figure. 

In-text Example

When a scholar or researcher writes a research-based paper, new knowledge is created (see Figure 1). The credibility of the new knowledge depends on the credibility of the sources that author uses (see Table 1).