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Virtual Reality Headsets (Oculus Quest 2)

A guide to using the Oculus Quest 2 kits from the Carteret CC Library.

About the Oculus Quest 2 Kits

All-in-one virtual reality system that offers a wide array of fully immersive and interactive environments, games, and learning experiences. 

What's included in each Oculus Quest 2 kit: 

  • Virtual Reality Headset
  • Charging Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Two Touch Controllers
  • Two AA Batteries
  • Glasses Spacer
  • Case

Oculus App

How to Guide

Turning On and Off

  • Turn Oculus on by using the button on the right side of the headset. You may need to hold it down for up to three seconds. The blue light should turn on, and it will make a noise. 
  • When you are finish, you can turn the Oculus off by holding the power button for three seconds. It will make a noise and the blue light will turn off, but if you still have the headset on you will see the words "Power Off" when you hold down this button. 

Volume and Vision

  • You can adjust the volume by using the buttons on the underside of the headset to turn the volume up or down. 
  • Use the included instructions in the case to adjust the headset for optimal vision. If you are having issues seeing, you may need to adjust the lenses. They can be pushed from side to side and there is a number to indicate the spacing (3, 2, or 1). 

Guardian Boundary

Once the headset is on and you can see clearly, you will first need to create a "guardian boundary" of the space where you will be safe to move in while using the headset. You can choose from two modes: 

  • Stationary: For using your headset while sitting or standing in place. Stationary Mode creates a default Guardian area of 3 feet by 3 feet centered on yourself. 
  • Roomscale: For using your headset while moving around inside your play area. Roomscale allows you to draw your Guardian boundaries in your physical space using your Touch controller. Follow the onscreen prompts by pointing the controller and using the trigger button (the button on the front of the controller) to click buttons and draw the boundaries. It is recommend to have a safe and unobstructed space measuring at least 6.5 feet by 6.5 feet. 

Games and Experiences

  • When your guardian boundary has been created, use the controller to select the menu button at the bottom of the screen to open the games and experiences that have already been downloaded (it looks like four squares). If that menu is not visible, you may need to press the oval button on the right controller to pull it up--sometimes it needs to be clicked twice. 

Tutorial Videos

Chapters in this video include: The Oculus app, getting a comfortable fit, setting up guardian, wearing glasses, and navigating in virtual reality. 

Games & Experiences